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Quick Soya Milk

I wouldn’t use this to make smoothies or a latte but it’s fine in tea and coffee, and for sauces and baking. Makes about 1 litre. 1 cup soya flour 3 cups cold water Place the flour and water in … Continue reading

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Amaranth Hifi

200 g amaranth 600 ml cold water Simmer the amaranth in the water, uncovered, for about 35 minutes; leave to sit for about 15 mins (or until you’re ready to add it to the veg., as long as that’s the … Continue reading

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Couple Poems

Ted Hughes The Horses, with some comments from Jeanette Winterson: John Burnside Black Cat Bone:

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Poetry magazines

Structo 491 10×3 Plus

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Poetic Republic Poetry Prize 2012

The deadline for this poetry competition is 30 April 2012. The rules are: Any subject. Style: Poetry or Prose Poetry. Maximum 42 lines. Previously unpublished work. £7 per poem. I’ve submitted, and to abide by the rules, the submitted … Continue reading

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Haiku with Ta

[travel] The air smells good here Parting over tupperware Street lights change to green [paper] Over I write on don’t discard it draw and write Whispering away [Wetherspoon’s] Watching trains with a drink Wait! You can’t get thrown out Meet … Continue reading

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You’re not going to save me

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost Written June 21st, New England.

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Ending Epigraph

If you stay in one poem long enough You’ll meet everyone I’ve ever met In Wetherspoons In Aberystwyth If you drink in Wetherspoons In Aberystwyth. This sunny morning, my ex-wife Once she starts the proceedings. And Elizabeth. I’m glad I … Continue reading

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