Amaranth Hifi

200 g amaranth
600 ml cold water

Simmer the amaranth in the water, uncovered, for about 35 minutes; leave to sit for about 15 mins (or until you’re ready to add it to the veg., as long as that’s the same day …).

For shorter cooking time and more nutrition, add a few pinches of wakame and black fungus [or similar sea vegetables]. I also add a handful of okara since my housemate makes soya milk and it’s a nutritious, tasteless addition to almost anything.

1 small-to-medium onion, finely chopped
1 small (or half a large) green capsicum, diced
tsp black/brown mustard seeds
tsp cumin/cummin seeds
¼–½ tsp ground turmeric [as with everything: optional]

Heat oil/ghee in a wok or large frying pan. Add mustard seeds, cum/min seeds, turmeric. Don’t watch it spit into your eyes and before it all burns add the diced veg.

1–2 courgettes, diced

Add the courgette. When the onion is becoming translucent and the greens are still firm, combine with the amaranth in a big pot and stir well with something wooden.

As a side lump of wholesomeness and food that feels like it’s on serotonin boosters, you’r done. As a breakfast meal in-itself, continue:

1 tasty salad tomato /person, medium-sliced

Heat oil in a good and/or heavy pan of some description. Very carefully, throw the tomatoes in horizontal-wise. Sprinkle some lumps of rock salt and cracked black pepper [do not even think of using table salt or pre-powdered peppercorns proximal par paters precipes, pah!].

The tomatoes are done to yr satisfaction. Scoop a mound of yellow-greenish goodness onto a plate, slap fried toms round it til it’s red. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar [one could reduce the balsamic first, as the the black drizzle does distract from the visual effect; but it all seems a little too Nigel Salter for me;]

Stop reading and eat you damn fool.


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