Poetic Republic Poetry Prize 2012

The deadline for this poetry competition is 30 April 2012. The rules are:

Any subject. Style: Poetry or Prose Poetry. Maximum 42 lines. Previously unpublished work. £7 per poem.


I’ve submitted, and to abide by the rules, the submitted poems won’t be available until judging is over.

Not what I consider my best, but Poo the Dog and Gut Instinct I intend to submit to Structo, and the latter is too long, as is Ending Epigraph, which works better heard than read (imo).

Given that the top three last year were narrative poems, and the fourth was a gem in rhyming couplets (One Last Request), I have little chance of winning anything; the top 48 are to be made available in an e-book though, so it’s worth submitting for a slim chance of a larger audience.

All judging is by entrants; contrapositively, only those who engage in the entire three-round judging process can win. Which gives me an opportunity to read some unpublished poetry.

Comments welcome.


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