Haiku games

Co-authored with T., writing alternate lines, unseen, on a theme.


Carrots screamed
All in the preparation
They didn’t die yet.


Clouds parting at last
Weevils anchored in it
Witness the sun rise.


French kiss on the grass
Wake up and smell the coffee
The lovers farted.

[this room (a kitchen)]

Box Brownies
Think down, the water will come
Cookery books.

[O— (T.’s son)]

Slack of pants and habits
Youngest son misses brothers
He walks on through.

[the path]

Water flows below
Walk dogs then not cats in love
It is all water.

[you (T.)]

Abandonded bus
Too sentimental by half
Photographers don’t.


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One Response to Haiku games

  1. MJ says:

    I like these poems/surrealist games. I esp like the Carrots one and Romance.

    I just did a collage poem and thought I’d see what you have been up to…sure enough it was more poetry.

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