Sunday 5th December 2010 Pt. Ia

Woke up at 7:30 am and got out of bed thinking it’s Monday even though: (i) went to bed about 3 am, (ii) it’s Sunday, (iii) I don’t have a job, and (iv) even if I did have a job we’re snowed-in two miles from the bus stop.

Had a welcome feeling of deja vu this morning in the kitchen. Literal rather than metaphorical; my brain is working normally on the third morning without alcohol or psychoactives. Porridge for breakfast was a bit runny for my liking so I’ll make it next time.

Walked dog in woods with GF. Since I had semi-starved her the day before (and not fed her before the run obviously) she was attentive and obedient.

Caught up with the Ashes via TMS podcasts and intend to stay up all night listening to the fourth day at Adelaide in the hope that it won’t rain and either England will get closer to a convincing victory in the second Test or Australia will make a brilliant comeback (which has happened before from this position). Another reason not to have got up at 7:30 am as I will be up to til 7:30 am tomorrow. Still, see (iii) above.

Made recipe for vegan chowder (very loosely) in the New England style. Recipe follows. Briefly, substitute smoked tofu for bacon, soya milk for milk, sweet potatoes for potatoes, and roast vegetables for clams.


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