Straight Edge

I think I need rehab; my GP thinks I need rehab; my girlfriend doesn’t disagree; and neither does my alcohol worker. I have been referred.

Minor Threat In My Eyes [youtube]

I went to the Anarchist Bookfair yesterday to help out with the Free Mumia stall and go to a meeting on Platformism. I’d woken up in a B&B after turning into a mess the day before (National Express, white cider, librium, casino). Had a can in Mile End park in the wet sun beforehand; another at lunch.

At the ABF I saw a flyer for another book reading Sober Living for the Revolution. One chapter included a reprint of Wasted Indeed: Anarchy and Alcohol by CrimethInc. which I recommend to anyone who wants to change the world.



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2 Responses to Straight Edge

  1. Rrose Sélavy says:

    Some form of rehab is probably not a bad idea, Sammy. Don’t know what is the best form that it should take, though.

    In any case it is good to see you, again, writing.

  2. That was written on 24th October. I’ve missed two meetings with different support organizations since (owing to illness) and given up on the whole idea. I haven’t had a drink for three days either.

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