Monday 6th December 2010 Pt I

The fourth day of the second Test finished around 7:30 am GMT with an England victory looking almost certain bar heavy rain in Adelaide tomorrow. Bizarrely, the forecast is for heavy rain.

Listened to Today on BBC Radio 4. James Naughtie accidentally called the Culture Secretary Jeremy Cunt. This was repeated on the following programme which happened to be about Freud among other things. It was pointed out that rather than being an innocent Spoonerism, it was more like a Freudian slip since Jeremy Hunt is the minister responsible for the BBC’s budget.

Slightly hyper owing to lack of sleep I gave an excitable description of the cricket to GF who was still in bed. Sleep deprivation also led to a heightened sense of reality when I took the dog out in the snow- and ice-covered landscape to empty herself. Buddhist monks do it deliberately (and used to drink their first urine of the morning as a hormonal stimulant aid). A recent Science article (vol. 330, p. 932) presented evidence showing that ‘a wandering mind is an unhappy mind’ and I concur.

The snow and slush on the road has frozen solid overnight and won’t be clearing soon so it’s no school today for GF (she’s a teacher). Made up a recipe for vegan pancakes which I will post if they turn out to be edible.

Fed the cats. Normally I can only find two or three bowls for four stupid, greedy cats who chase me around and fight each other. Today I found five bowls so filled them all in the front room near the fire. Sadly they are all so dumb that all four ran out into the snow and I had to carry two back in who looked suspicious and then throw another one out who finished his own first then muscled in on Thomasina’s even though there was a spare bowl. I have stopped bemoaning their stupidity and now just see them as experimental subjects.

Track of the morning is The The The Sinking Feeling.


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